Introduction to Riak TS

Welcome! This course provides a quick introduction to Riak TS. No prior Riak experience is necessary to complete this course.

This course contains four modules:

  1. What is Riak TS?
  2. Getting Started with Riak TS
  3. Installing Riak TS
  4. What Gets Installed Where

After completing this course we will be able to identify some of the important key terms related to Riak TS, how to install Riak TS on a node, and where all the Riak TS files and directories are located on the node.


  • None
  • This course is based on latest version of Riak TS

Let’s get started!

To begin, either select “What is Riak TS?” from the left, or click the right (next) arrow at the bottom of the page.

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